At Outrage, the fashion revolution begins with an eco-friendly and responsible approach. By recycling and reusing existing garments, we reduce our environmental footprint while giving new life to pieces that would otherwise have been lost. Each creation is a declaration of independence, a celebration of singularity and non-conformity.

Our clothes are not just clothes; they are statements of style, manifestations of individual freedom. Ripped, raw, sometimes provocative pieces, reflecting the rebellious soul of our city and its inhabitants. Outrage offers a unique fusion of Parisian elegance and underground aesthetics, capturing the spirit of counter-culture with a touch of sophistication.

Our creations are aimed at those who dare to be different, those who seek to express themselves without compromise. Our audience consists of rebels, underground icons, artists, and visionaries. Those who see fashion as a means to stand out, to defy expectations, and to make their voices heard.